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Big Hair: TRESemmé 24 Hour Body

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I have naturally thick pouffy hair, so I'm not the best test-head for the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body shampoo, conditioner and styling collection. But Sylvia has fine, shoulder-length hair which is also a smidge on the thin side. She's tried volumizing stuff from a variety of hair care lines, drugstore and boutique. She actually found TRESemmé 24 Hour Body shampoo and conditioner ($6.49 CAN each) boosted her volume a little without her having to use a blowdryer or styling product (gel, root-boost spray, cream, mousse, finishing spray; $5.99 CAN each). She was impressed enough to say she'd buy it again, maybe in six years when she finishes the hefty 900 mL bottles.

Let's pause for a what-to-expect lesson: For the record, volume boosting without styling product and heat styling is unusual. In fact, I'm amused when someone reports she's tried just a shampoo and conditioner  (or just the shampoo) to achieve a hair-texture change and was disappointed. Shampoo and conditioner are mere building blocks to your style. They start the job, but because they're designed to wash down the drain, they can't be expected to function the way leave-in styling products do. It's about layering. The right shampoo and conditioner can help hair take direction from the styling products and styling tools you use afterward. Sylvia's experience of small success without having to use any styling products is most likely down to the fine, lightweight texture of her hair -- her hair doesn't weigh much. Maria, who has long, thick and heavy hair, didn't see any difference in volume when she tried the shampoo and let her hair air dry as it hung loose, flat at the crown. Not a surprise.

Now about Susan. Like Sylvia, Susan has fine hair, but more of it, and it's longer and prone to waywardness: "one day it's wavy, the next it's straight, one day flat...." She doesn't love the shampoo and conditioner on their own -- she feels they leave a residue on her hair. But she does say that when she follows with her blowdryer and the styling products -- "I used and loved the root booster, and the hair spray in that 'flip hair over and spray' fashion for big, messy 'runway' hair, and the cream, just put through the tips for texture" -- she gets killer volume that lasts into the wee hours of a night out.

Sounds like the kind of big body a girl can live with.

TRESemmé 24 Hour Body is available at drugstores and mass retailers. Image courtesy of TRESemmé.


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