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F is for Frivolity: The Elle Show Tomorrow

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So, watcha doin' tomorrow? Spring cleaning? Well that's admirable. But might I suggest you put that off a day or so? You might like to hit the Carlu in downtown Toronto instead, for a day of fashion-and-beauty frivolity with Elle Canada.

Catch the trends in fashion, beauty and accessories, check out up-and-coming Canadian designers such as Kania (hip, sexy, modern clothing), Le Catogan (insouciant hair accessories) and Penny K Design (sparkling beaded jewelry), get a taste of the Cadbury Couture collection, and corner "CityLine" makeup expert Dino Dilio and "Project Runway" Canada's benevolent advisor, designer Brian Bailey.

Tickets are $35 and include lunch and a swag bag of treats. For more info, visit

’Tis better to be admired than to have an admirably tidy home, if you ask me. I'm just saying.

Image of Coco Rocha courtesy of Elle Canada.


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