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Stamp Art: I Want Mail from Finland + Hey, Meet Jen Masseau

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Found this on my friend Jen Masseau's blog, Aesthetically Inclined. I'm a fan of Canada, but damn, you know I'm right:  we'll never have Canadian stamps that look like these. Could someone please send me lots of mail from Finland?

A little about Jen Masseau: I met Jen in my early days at Canadian Living. The style department had just had the most useless intern ever, a very pretty high school kid who was so clueless that when I gave her a bunch of reply letters to deal with, she couldn't even get the address information -- Mr. Bill Henderson, 178 Wherever St. -- and the salutation line to match up -- Dear Mrs Cooper. I eventually gave her the task of folding tissue paper. And she messed that up because I guess she didn't know how to line edges up and actually fold instead of randomly bend stuff.

And then came Jen. A sweet-faced 18-year-old with a glowing recommendation from her high school supervisor. Whatever. We didn't care. We had been through a rough intern time -- the one before the folding dunce used to go home for a nap at lunch. A three-hour nap. So we were done with interns. Especially high-school types.

Jen knocked us on our cynical tushies. Surprisingly self-assured for a young ’un, she innately understood how things worked in a magazine style section, which isn't as simple and straightforward as you might think. She had a great sense of style herself and she could write, which made me love her right away. Most importantly, she wanted to learn whatever she could (not much is worse than an I-already-know-everything attitude, which Jen did not have). We tried to keep her as long as we could, and every day I asked, "when are you done school again?" The answer always annoyed me because damnit, she had to finish high school then do the darned university thing, so her answer was always "four years" or something, plus a big, tolerant grin because I'm not kidding -- I asked every day. For about four years, even after she'd moved on to other projects.

Before she'd quite finished her tenure at Ryerson's Fashion Communication/Design program last year, she was snapped up by the clever beauty editor Rhonda Rovan over at Best Health magazine. Rhonda was the style editor at Canadian Living when we had Jen; she knew a good thing when she saw it.

Learn a bit more about Jen (and about Finland's new stamps honouring six young Finnish designers) on her blog. (I'm also tickled by a short post about modern art -- damn, I wish I'd found that first!) Aesthetically Inclined is right.


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