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Grey Gardens: Roots Beach Bucket Bag in Rustler Pebble Leather

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roots pebble beach bucket bag_rustler leather

I know I've been all about bold colour lately in this season of magenta, yellow, purple and blue. But -- especially in these times of reduced staff and increased workloads in forced four-day weeks -- every girl needs a restful place to recharge, a garden of peace, if you will.

For me, peace comes in a soft grey cardy I can wear out-and-about and pull close like a friendly hug. Or the flannel-grey vee-neck top and jersey drawstring pants I change into as soon as I get home. Or the deep grey cashmere blankie my friend Liza found at a Winners sample sale and elected not to buy -- I snapped it up like a long-lost family member. Sweet, welcoming grey says let it all go, dear; let's sit awhile.

I get a similar just-relax vibe from the Roots Beach Bucket Bag in Rustler Leather ($248). Aside from its streamlined, comfy carry-all design and soothing, warm grey hue (like pebbles on a Nantucket beach?), the bag's velvety, tumbled-grain Italian leather is sigh-inducing stroke-worthy.

Peace out.

The Roots Rustler Pebble collection is available at Roots stores, and