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Susan Boyle: Does She Need a Makeover?

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Since seeing the stunned look her "Britain's Got Talent" performance slapped on Simon Cowell's resigned face, I've been pondering: does Susan Boyle need a makeover?

Had she been Rhianna-hot when she walked out on stage, would Susan have been greeted by that laughter from audience and judges? Of course not. Let's face it: had she been a super-hottie, with that voice Susan Boyle would've been a superstar these last 25 years.

But as much as I adore a makeover, as much as I love seeing confidence blossom as someone sees her prettiest self, I'm thinking NO. Susan Boyle does not need a makeover. Okay, well maybe some brow shaping. And a good haircut and product that works with her curls. But please, no Botox, no fillers, no spackle makeup. Susan Boyle is a sudden star now because she is artifice free, as well as because of her voice -- and a TV audience of doubters, who weren't there for her ’99 recording of "Cry Me a River" (below).


Of course, if Susan wants a makeover, that's another matter. It is, after all, her decision. I don't think she needs one to feel better about herself at the moment, though... *grin*


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