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F is for Future Friendly: Enter to WIN a Future Friendly Basket of Home Care Brands

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For some of us going green at home is a slow process, mostly because we're crazed just trying to get through the long days of doing our own work as well as the work of three other sadly laid-off colleagues. Or, in my case, picking up the slack of a staff that doesn't exactly do the work of even one other person (whoa, that's gonna tick her off something fierce, eh?). Yes, new green cleaning brands are cropping up everywhere, but we haven't had time to investigate.

So I'm encouraged by big name brands that are making a difference while still delivering the results for which they became popular. I'm talking Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Downy, Duracell and Tide, all of which have found ways to reduce waste, energy, and or water consumption during use or the production process.

The collective has banded together under the banner Future Friendly with support from the Canadian Efficiency Alliance, canühome, PITCH-IN CANADA and the Recycling Council of Ontario. And they're offering Canada-based BeautyGeeks subscribers a chance to win a shopping caddy filled with Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, Charmin Mega Roll bathroom tissue, Cascade 2-in-1 Action Pacs, Tide Cold Water Liquid Laundry Detergent, Tide High Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent, Ultra Downy Fabric Softener, and Duracell Pre-charged Rechargeables.

To enter to win this $85 prize, please become a subscriber if you aren't already so you can send an e.mail with FUTURE FRIENDLY in the subject line (very important), and your name, age, address and phone number in the body, to by Friday April 24th.

Thanks so much for reading. And if you win and need a place to try all those cleaning products out, I'm happy to supply a space. I'm nice that way.


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