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Look Younger: 30 Beauty Tips that Undermine Your Age

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There's nothing wrong with looking your age. But think: what did 30 look like 30 years ago? And 40? And 50? There were crazy rules, like shunning shimmer after 35, cutting your hair off at 40, and -- well, by 50, beauty was no fun at all.

Sure looking younger these days has a lot to do with Hollywood and cosmetic surgery. But it also has to do with more people taking better care of themselves, eating better, living active lifestyles, using SPF and working a good skincare regimen. There's also been a greater emphasis on making oneself happy in the last few decades, especially for women, now encouraged to give to themselves as well as to their families.

Whatever your reasons for feeling younger, I bet you want to look as young as you feel. Maybe one or two of these tips at will help.

And there's always hiding behind your baby photos.