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Makeup Lite: Makeup and Pro Tips for Women who Don't Like Makeup

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Could be you don't trust yourself to apply cosmetics properly, you don't like having stuff on your face or you don't have much time to invest in a beauty regimen. Whatever your reasons, there are lots of great, quick, boost-your-natural-looks helpers that won't make you look too done up or feel like you tried too hard. Plus, some of them have real skincare benefits that take care of what you already have going for you.

Pop over to for tips from Hollywood makeup artist Bruce Grayson (love his super-hero alter-ego name), pro artist Sylvie Mazerolle, and me, a beauty geek.

Try any of the story's simple suggestions -- you'll still feel like a natural woman.

Photography by Darren Whear; models, Alexis Jardin and Darren Whear's little girl (whose name I unfortunately can't remember); makeup by JF.