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Smoky Eyes: How-To Makeup Demo Vid on

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The smoky eye is one of the most requested how-tos asked of makeup artists. The general perception is that something with so much impact must be complicated. And you know, in the beginning days of the smoky eye, it rather was. But it's such a standard now, a regular in the hot-looks makeup rotation, that over the years many artists have super-simplified their technique.

Here, in a video I spotted with glee on, M.A.C senior artist Melissa Gibson uses just two eyeshadows to show Fashion's beauty director Adriana Ermter how to smoke things up in a few dead-easy steps. For your reference pleasure, how-to stills are below. I'll sum up directions if you like, but really, the clear video will tell you everything you need to know. And hey, blue-eyed girls? Note how a rich bronze shadow with a touch of black turns blue eyes into blue steel.

All right, consider this permission to smoke up any time you want, all on your own.


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