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Once More with Feeling: Anthropologie in Canada -- Yay!

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Good heavens. After yesterday's quick post, I spoke with someone who didn't know from Anthropologie or the building excitement about its days-away arrival in Canada. I sent her a link straightaway; she gets the pretty picture now.

If you're at all familiar with Urban Outfitters' vintage-trendy, cheeky style, Anthropologie is its sweetly sophisticated sister with a more expensive taste for a whimsically chic mix of Victorian, antique, art deco and trend. (Here, have a peek at's spring style picks.)

Three locations are scheduled to open in Canada within the next few months. The first is at Shops at Don Mills, a new "outdoor lifestyle centre" set-up much like The Grove in L.A. The entire centre opens on Earth Day, April 22nd; Anthropologie is celebrating the evening before with a benefit for the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

West Edmonton Mall gets the next store in late Spring, and in mid-summer, 80 Yorkville Avenue in downtown Toronto will open Anthropologie doors. Like their 121 US counterparts, each shop will offer a range of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home decor and decorative items. The most exciting part is that finally Canadians will have easy access to the furniture, fabrics, bedding, tableware and other merchandise too big to pack in a suitcase or too delicate to ship.

Expect prices to be somewhat premium; they're straight-up conversions of the not-cheap US rates, and like the US stores, what's available in one location may not be available in another. But at least you don't have to fork out for airfare or a long trek over the border.

Visit for merchandise details. Image courtesy of Anthropologie.