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Safety First: The Body Shop YES, YES, YES! Tantalizing Lip Butter

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We've seen countless no-glove-no-love campaigns, so why doesn't everyone know not to have unprotected sex the way we know not to put our bare hands into open flame? How do we drum this "safety first" into kids before they hit their crazy hormonal teenage years? (And into adults old enough to know better?) And how do we do that globally?

The Body Shop and MTV are trying with a "Yes to Safe Sex" campaign that hits kids under 25 where they live -- on Facebook, on Twitter, on Flickr, and at an interactive website,

We're all encouraged to take part through the purchase of The Body Shop's new Yes, Yes, Yes! Tantalizing Lip Butter ($8 CAN), which contains dragon-fruit extract and community-trade shea butter. About $5 from the sale of each Yes, Yes, Yes lip butter goes to a charity organization called the Staying Alive Foundation, which helps young folk around the world to educate and protect themselves against HIV and AIDS.

From our lips to kids' ears.

The Body Shop Yes, Yes, Yes Tantalizing Lip Butter is available at The Body Shop boutiques and via and