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Sound On: ck one Collector's Bottle and MP3 Speaker

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A viewing of the special-edition ck one campaign video, which features Canadian high-profile model Coco Rocha along with a slew of other impossibly attractive model types, reminds me that damnit, I was never that cool. And wearing the fresh, citrussy unisex scent will not make me cool. And using the kinda nifty AAA-battery-operated MP3 speaker that comes with the special-edition bottle ($60 CAN) will not make me cool (it's a tad tinny).

But we'd all be cool, -- we, the big ol' world -- if we really did understand that "we are one" as per the fragrance's slogan, which is scrawled on the bottle in a variety of languages. But while music does tend to bring folks together (hence the MP3 speaker tie-in), can it help fix the world? Or at least the Prop-8 folks?

Well, maybe it's cool to try. (Thanks to Liza Herz for forwarding this helpful musical number.)

Say, want to win a bottle? If you're a BeautyGeeks subscriber (become one here)who lives in Canada, all you have to do is send a CK ONE e.mail with your name, age and address to by Friday April 3 to enter the the draw.

We cool?

ck one collector's bottle and speaker is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. Image courtesy of Coty.