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Sun Smarts: SPF Text Reminders?

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Fashion Magazine's Lesa Hannah may well be more militant than I am about diligent SPF application to prevent sun damage -- wrinkles, loss of firmness, increased pigmentation, skin cancer. She spotted and forwarded with delight this Allure post on a Harvard study that followed two groups of people and their sun-protection habits when a) left to their own devices and b) when their devices sent them daily morning text reminders to SPF up.

We think it would be kinda great if folks could subscribe to a service as described in the post. Until a no-brainer sign-up program launches, though, seems to me it would be a good idea at least to program your cel's alarm to remind you every two in-the-sun hours to re-apply protection.

Since I'm never in the sun -- it's ouchie on my skin -- I'm thinking to use my phone alarm for other healthy reminders, like leaving my computer in order to eat properly during the day.

Might work if I leave my phone in the kitchen.