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F is for Freestylin': Sally Hershberger Hair

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Watching the famous Sally Hershberger in styling action gives a girl the impression sexy, modern hair is soooo easy. Rake product into hair with fingers, finger-comb through, tousle, spritz, tousle, tousle, spritz, jzeujz, spritz, tweak. Done in a few freestyle deft moves. She calls it "giving gesture to the hair." Uh... the right kind of gesture, of course, although yes, signature Hershberger style is edgy, a little "wrecked," non-conformist.

Put on the star map for Meg Ryan's transformational shagg for the movie French Kiss in 1995, Hershberger also made beauty headlines as the first stylist to charge $600 for a haircut. She's upped it to $800 these days, but her long celebrity client list, which includes Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, John Mayer and Zac Efron, doesn't seem to mind. (A Zac Efron note: I didn't ask, but no way Hershberger was responsible for his dripping-with-gel Oscar's 'do; on more than one occasion, including her recent Toronto press meet, she's said she hates seeing product in the hair.)

Hershberger's work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, W and Harper's Bazaar, and -- fun fact-alert -- it won her an Emmy in the late '80s for "Pee Wee's Playhouse." She first hit drugstore shelves in the late '90s with John Frieda and Sheer Blonde. Her own line, Sally Hershberger -- heck, it's on the bottles, so I'll put it here -- Supreme Head, launched in the US last year and is now available in Canada. Comprised of capsule groupings that target wavy hair, normal-to-thin hair and normal-to-thick hair, the collection pricing ranges from $9.99 CAN for shampoos and conditioners to $11.99 CAN for stylers.

I'm most interested in the Style Primer for Wavy Hair, which Hershberger says will make hair easier to work with and boost the performance of styling products layered on afterward. I had a little giggle when I used it this morning -- I followed up with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Spiral Style Curl-Defining Spray Gel. (I'm easily amused.) Tomorrow I'll use Style Primer with Hershberger's Wave Spray or Finishing Cream for Wavy Hair. I might not report right away on results; it takes me a few tries to adust to new products.

And if I'm going to let fame go to my head, I want to get it right.

Sally Hershberger haircare is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix in Canada and at Walgreens in the US.