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Pink Eye: Lancôme Pink Punk Spring '09

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And now for something a little different -- unless you were an '80s teen. Yes, we did pink eye shadow back then, recklessly: pink right up to the brow with a purple contour and liner. Staff's sniggering in the background. She still hopes I'll try the look on myself and photograph the results for you. But I subscribe to the if you wore it when it was new, the redux is not for you philosophy. I'm also of the opinion that if you appear to be in your 40s or better, vibrant colour on your lids can add years to your face. No thanks.

However, if you're somewhere between 17 and a baby-faced 34, you can rock Lancôme Paris' Pink Irrévérence look. Different from a straight-from-the-'80s horror show, this time the brows though defined are softer, and the browbone highlight is gentle. That the pink shades in the Irreverent Madame shadow quad ($52 CAN/$42 US) are matte also helps make the look more now than then; the black is gleefully glittery and very black over a base line of Laque Liner liquid in black ($29 CAN/$25 US).

Well, now I'm tempted. Or maybe I'll put it on Staff instead. She'll be tickled pink.

Lancôme Paris is available at department stores, Sephora, and Images courtesy of Lancôme Paris.