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Shopping 411: Where to Get Yoga Jeans

Everyone wants to know where to find Yoga Jeans. Here's where you can get them.
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The most-asked question I've heard in the last several weeks is Omigod when is Spring starting already? The second-most asked question is Where can I find Yoga Jeans? Seriously.

If you haven't heard about Yoga Jeans by Second Denim, click here for all the gushing. With their cut-on-the-bias, three-percent-elastane fabric, they may well be the most comfortable jeans in the world. (My new trick now is making people pinch and pull the fabric on my leg to show how stretchy the denim is.)

For those of you still wondering where to find them, try these retailers:

Jeans Machine (at various malls in Ontario; small low-rise sizes)

Cassis (select malls in Ontario)

Shopgirls 1342 Queen St. W., Toronto  416.534.7467

Posh 2016 Queen St. E, Toronto  416.690.5533

306 306 Eglinton Ave. W, Toronto  416.545.1226

Trixie 2313 Bloor St. W, Toronto  416.762.0084

Body Blue 201 Danforth Ave., Toronto  416.778.7601

If you're comfortable with online shopping, try the following sites. (Alert: US readers, you can find Second Denim's Yoga Jeans at TonyOnThird, Stella-Nova and OnlyShe.)

Just remember you'll need a size or two smaller than you usually wear. Oh right -- as if you'd forget. *grin*

Image courtesy of Second Denim; check the site for more availability.