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In the Buff: Fashion Magazine's Beauty Editor Lesa Hannah Takes a Turn

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It's getting to be fun, this not having a photo illustration for Hannah's Beauty Closet Confidential posts for Fashion magazine. Allows me to leave a lot to your imagination. Especially this time. All I'll say is that in this review she talks about getting "plausibly perfect skin."

In other Fashion news, I'm kinda geeking out a little -- my very first story for Fashion is in the April issue. With its smart, in-depth, contextual approach, Fashion has always been my favourite Canadian style magazine. I won't go into detail about the writing experience -- I kinda freaked out a little (lot) because it was a big deal for me -- but damn, I feel chuffed every time I look at the issue and see my byline for "Colour Conscious." And I'm reminded that doing something that scares you is in many ways anti-aging. I feel like a new writer seeing her work published for the first time. It's so cool.

Okay, now you can go catch Hannah's buff experience.