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Geeking: A Wee BeautyGeeks Tour

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Balloons and basket

I thought about posting this late yesterday under the title "F is for Fanfare," but took a much-needed nap instead. *grin*

I've begun a little Southern Ontario media tour to chat about Pantene's Salon Challenge and savvy beauty spending and saving! My first interview was with Meagan Albrechtson for 24hrs (which reminds me: must check on publication date), and yesterday I popped by Rogers "Daytime" in Mississauga to see Arda and Kim (more Kim than Arda, I think, but Arda seemed fascinated when I was demonstrating how to use velcro rollers).

Next is Rogers "Daytime" in York Region on Wednesday, with Jacqueline and Jeff. I grew up in York Region, actually, in Thornhill. Attended St. Luke's grade school on Dudley Ave., just down the street from home, and went to St. Robert Catholic High School when the uniform was still orange-and-brown plaid (so pretty). Richmond Hill is now home to my parents, who live a street over from one of my brothers, his wife and two sweet daughters. (When I visit, I tell people I'm going out of town -- Richmond Hill is out of town if you're a non-driver like me.)

I'm heading to Ottawa after that, for Friday's "A-Morning" with Lianne Laing and Rogers "Daytime" with Derick and TL. Looking forward to re-visiting the city -- I was a Carleton University student from ’88 to ’91, and lived in Ottawa for a couple of years after that. No time for a zippy skate down the Rideau, but if I'm lucky I'll snag a delicious beavertail before returning to Toronto. I'm as out of practice with those as I am with ice skates, but I'll manage eating a beavertail much better than skating, certainly!

Don't know where I'm off to after all this, but I'll keep you posted.

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