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F is for Fresh: Fresh Sugar Lemon = Springtime Happy

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"What, more bath stuff for 'happy' mornings?" the staff snarked this morning. But I fixed her cranky wagon. Packed her off to the shower with Fresh Sugar Lemon soap ($16 CAN/$13 US), Fresh Sugar Lemon body lotion ($32 CAN/$28 US), and Fresh Sugar Lemon fragrance ($28 CAN/$24.50 US for 30 mL) to finish. Now she's whistling while she makes my coffee and dancing around the kitchen. I think she's forgotten I don't take sugar, but I've made my "happy morning" point. Hah!

Fresh Sugar Lemon isn't new, but it's my all-time favourite pick-me-up scent, a sparkling sweet-but-not-too-sweet citrus my friend Angela once likened to Sprite, which, as odd as it sounds, isn't a bad thing at all (it's a tad less sweet than that). I love it so much I keep the wee bottle of fragrance in my purse. I love it so much that every day I think, maybe today I'll pick up a replacement lotion even though it's $32 CAN/$28 US (I have a teensy bit left -- at least I hope so after the staff's been at it -- and yes, I think about the price exactly that way). And I feel smug about "saving" because I bought the $16-soap instead of the shower gel ($32 CAN/$28 US), and the soap lasts ages longer.

Hmmm. The staff's in such a good mood now, maybe she'll buy it for me. And the SugarBath Lemon Bath Cubes ($42 CAN/$34 US).

Was just sharing a geek-out moment with fellow Fresh Sugar Lemon fan and realized I forgot to make this point: I usually stay away from sweet scents because I'm just generally not fond of them and they tend to turn sickeningly sweet with my body chemistry. Fresh Sugar Lemon, though, stays light and true, and never overpowers.

Fresh is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew and Sephora, 1-877-SEPHORA; and at Sephora and in the US.