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Pastel Pointers: The Body Shop Roseflower Collection Spring Makeup

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I think two things when I see the image above. One: Sheesh, for obvious reasons (I have got to get my beauty envy under control). Two: black liquid liner and mascara are all I need to wear pastel eye shadow shades successfully. And maybe a little bronzer.

The Body Shop's spring eye shadow colours from the limited-edition Roseflower collection are pastels, a shimmery pale yellow and a shimmery mint green ($14 each). And for most of us, they're a big how-to-wear question mark.

"These shimmery pastels are about a sheer wash of colour," clarifies Chase Aston, international makeup artist for The Body Shop. "They're not about layering, contouring, or defining," he says. "And don't extend them past the edge of the lid."

So, what to do? Just pick one shade and sweep it across your lids. Apply black liquid liner along your lashlines in short easy strokes and finish with black mascara. Put a healthy flush in your cheeks and add a pop of colour on your lips so you don't look washed out, and you're done. (Well, if you're really pale, a little bronzer will help create a more striking contrast between your skin and the eye makeup. Then you'll be done.)

It's so blooming easy, really.

The Body Shop Roseflower collection contains community/fair-trade ingredients ingredients and is available at The Body Shop boutiques and via To see Spring makeup demos by Chase Aston action, click here. Image courtesy of The Body Shop.