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Picture Pretty: CARGO blu_ray Pressed Powder and Blush/Highlighter

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Prologue: Someone told me recently that she hasn't yet found that one product that works for her. Well, that's cuz there is no one beauty item that transforms with magical power. A wow effect needs a series of products in succession. My latest happy CARGO outcome started with finding the right primer for my oily face. (The oil in my skin usually brutalizes foundation or powder -- other than MAC Blot -- within about an hour and leaves my complexion feeling like it's been Saran wrapped.)

When I first tried CARGO blu_ray pressed powder ($30), I didn't love it. Couldn't get past feeling it sitting on my skin. But now I'm tight with primer, I've found wow. Post-priming and concealing, a fluffy-brushed buffing of blu_ray powder, plus blu_ray Blush/Highlighter in Pink ($27) on my cheeks, gives me the complexion you see in this photo. Yep, that nice skin you see is a makeup happy.

So close to Valentine's day, this single girl will take any happywow she can get. And this one's always at her beck and call. *grin*

CARGO is available at select department stores and at Sephora.*