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Scent Splurge: Bois 1920 Fragrances

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If you love fragrance, you must get to know Bois 1920, a gorgeous range of eight scents with an artisanal Italian history. Lovingly created in small batches and bottled in sandblasted flacons with engraved wooden stoppers (one hand-crafted bottle takes five hours to produce), each is a tribute to young perfumer Enzo Galardi's grandfather Guido, who started the company in 1920.

My favourite is Agrumi Amari di Sicilia, a clear, zesty blend of bittersweet grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime as well as jasmine and lavender -- a crisp sunny spring morning in a bottle. Vetiver Ambrato tempts me as well, all zip and spice with bergamot, lemon, tobacco leaves and sandalwood, warmed with musk and amber. (I have a soft spot for Vetiver scents, it seems -- I made a spectacular splash in a Guerlain boutique a couple of years back when I sent a full bottle of Guerlain Vetiver crashing to the floor. At a press event. In front of fellow editors, the staff, the press agents and all. Classy.)

At $180 CAN/$160 US per bottle, Bois 1920 may be for you a special-occasion item. Isn't there a special-occasion type of day in your not-too-distant future?

Bois 1920 is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew; visit for more information. Images courtesy of Bois 1920.