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Blush Brush: Clinique Quick Blush-and-Brush

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The last thing I need is encouragement to do my makeup enroute to appointments (don't worry, I don't drive). But darnit, Clinique just made blush on the go easier with Quick Blush.

Lots of blush compacts come equipped with little brushes, yes, but wee applicators don't usually get the job done well (I throw them out). Cream blush is easy to apply on the fly because it doesn't need a brush, but it means residue on fingertips.

Clinique Quick Blush ($26 CAN/$21.50 US) gives good blush and brush together in one sleek cylinder not much bigger than a tube of stick foundation. Twist the base clockwise as you open the brush so the bristles pick up the cream-to-powder blush tucked into the cap. You'll get just a tiny bit on your first try; that's good because buffing on the colour in layers will deliver the fresh-faced effect you want. Plus, the formula is water-resistant so it'll stay put, and the brush is finished with Clinique's anti-bacterial technology (doesn't mean you don't still have to keep it clean, though -- wash it every couple of weeks with gentle shampoo and a little conditioner and lay it flat to dry).

Is it wrong that I'm encouraged by a clever way of putting a flush in one's cheeks? Clive-O and Daniel-C don't seem to think so.

Clinique is available at select department stores, and Image courtesy of Clinique.