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Go into the Light: Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer is a Must-Have

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I'm thinking for most women foundation primers are still... meh. First, it's another danged thing to buy. Second, it's another danged thing to put on your face in the morning. Third -- forget third. It's over at first.

Heads up, folks -- a good primer, like my fave Smashbox Photo Finish Light ($44 CAN/$36 US), adds quality of life to your made-up face. Here's how:

1) It smooths the way for foundation or powder. Whether you're dealing with larger pores than you'd like or a bit of dry patchiness from winter's bitchslap, primer will even out the texture to give you a smoother surface for makeup. And a smoother finish = younger looking face.

2) It solves the Case of the Disappearing Makeup. You know what I mean -- you look so fresh and polished after your 7:30 am application, but by 11:30 am your makeup's left for an early lunch with no plans to return. Photo Finish Light keeps your face in place, especially if you have oily skin. (You'll still need occasional touch ups, but not in a spackle sort of way.)

3) It doesn't feel like a layer of silicone on your face. At least Photo Finish Light doesn't. Frankly, this weightless, quick-dry lotion is the first primer my oily skin has accepted as friend; it's now part of my can't-live-withouts.

A girl's gotta have a way to save face, right?