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F is for Fie on Valentines: Alt-Vee-Day Inspiration for Singletons

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Why should couples have all the Vee-Day fun? Singletons, start your alt-Valentine's Day party prep now with a little help from cheeky Ryan Jennings, author of Entertaining with Booze: Designer Drinks, Fabulous Food and Inspired Ideas for your Next Party.

On Monday February 9th, catch Ryan on CityTV's "CityLine" sharing his droll V-day tips for celebrating singledom -- yes, celebrate while you have it -- with eclectic and saucy flair. Also pop over to Food, Booze and Beyond for his laid-back musings, recipes, and behind-the-scenes dish (including the unique vase that didn't make the "CityLine" cut) from his television and food-styling work.

And of course you want to hit Entertaining with Booze to peruse the wine and beer guide, eye hangover recipes, and sticky-note themed food-and-drink menus (ok, sticky-note the hangover recipes too -- no judgement here) for all manner of shindigs.

Or shenanigans.


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