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Blow 'n' Go: Blowdry Style at Ritual2

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Got a special event? Maybe a shindig, hot date, dinner plans? Or maybe you want to live like those dames of yore who got a pro blow-out every week? I had a boss like that once. Got her hair did at least twice per week; you knew appointment day was close when she did the ponytail thing. And in four years she never got my name right. (Nothing to do with the blowdry habit, I'm sure.)

The blowdry bar concept's been hot in New York City for several years already. Nice to see it's cropped up in Vancouver and Toronto. It's a handy service for the urban girl on the go, especially when rebellious hair and achey arms make a pro-finish tough to get at home.

According to Ritual2 stylist Robyn Hancock (above right -- photogenic, yes?), appointments run about 45 minutes, less if you have shorter hair, or perhaps 10 minutes more if you have an extra long ’do. Cleverly, the salon provides a booklet of Hollywood-hottie styles you can reference to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page. "The most popular is a combo between what we call 'Pretty at the Premiere' (long glossy curls) and 'Big Bold and Beautiful' (va-va-volume)," says Hancock.

I did an unusual thing. Went in with short-ish wavy hair and asked for a wavy style. I guess folks with stubborn, wavy hair my length generally go straight when they have a pro to help, but I wanted to see how Hancock would work my texture (which isn't quite right for a "Diffuse the Situation" style). She admits a curling iron might have helped some, but the Blow ’n’ Go is all about the blowdry, so we decided to see what we'd get.

And look what we got: soft, pretty waves and insane shine, which lasted until my next shampoo a couple of days later. Bonus: I also got lots of compliments at a press thingy later that afternoon.


A Blow ’n’ Go appointment is about $35 at Ritual2. Book now if you're thinking all Valentine's Day-like.


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