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Hot Stone Manicure: OPI You Don't Know Jacques

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I said once in a story for that black and blackened-purple polish did for nail lacquer what Quentin Tarantino did for John Travolta's film career: kicked it back into the spotlight with an unexpected quirky dark turn.*

Seriously, since goth-chic hues such as Chanel Vamp hit so big, nail colour has never been hotter. Soft, pretty pales such as Essie's Ballet Slipper aren't going anywhere, but now we're primed for unexpected shades in way we'd not been before.

Exhibit A: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, the colour of wet stone. Style editors fell for OPI You Don't Know Jacques right away and the folks at Concepts Day Spa in downtown Toronto tell me they can't keep it in stock. It's the hot neutral -- looks great with most skintones, whether undertones are pink or yellow (grey looks great with both, doncha know).

I'd have gushed about OPI You Don't Know Jacques ($9.95 CAN) earlier, but I only just got around to trying it myself. A few days ago I went for my first manicure in months. Worth waiting for: perfect nail shape and precise application courtesy of Debbie at Concepts, awesome colour, and the feelin'-pretty sense that comes from having groomed hands.

Nice to meet you, Jacques.

*I know. Quoting myself. But I'm having a rare self-appreciative day, something I think we all need on a regular basis. No, not Janine-appreciative days, although those are nice I'm sure, but moments of feeling we're Okay Folk, quirks and all. Good times, those. OPI is available at select salons and spas; visit Image courtesy of OPI.