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Gimme Moro: Naturally Upper Canada Coarse Salt Scrub in Cranberry Moro

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Naturally Upper Canada Coarse Salt Scrub in Cranberry Moro ($10 CAN) wakes me up in two ways: its fresh, fruity and citrussy scent gives my mood a morning happy, and the invigorating scrubby texture on my skin nudges my drowsy circulation. For a few (well, in my case not so few) fragrant shower moments, I don't care that outside it's -28 degrees celsius with the bitter windchill.

A sea salt mix blended with soyabean oil, shea butter, cranberry extract, orange oil and cranberry seeds, the scrub is gentle yet satisfyingly gritty. Light on the oil, it softens skin without slicking up the tub (another reason to smile in the a.m.). And of course, a brisk buffing preps skin to absorb post-shower body lotion without dry scaly patches getting in the way.

Maybe if Mother Nature had a Cranberry Moro scrub in her shower, she'd be in a better mood each morning too.

Naturally Upper Canada is available at select department stores and specialty gift boutiques. Visit for retailers. Image courtesy of Upper Canada Soap.