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Pencil Pusher: GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Pencil Eye Liner

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My lids come with built-in makeup remover -- they're oily. To keep even waterproof pencil liner in place, I powder my lids but good before defining my lashlines, then use an angled brush to press matching shadow over the pencilled line. Yet a winged stroke of GOSH Velvet Touch waterproof eye pencil ($13 CAN/$10.50 US) stays true for hours, without that layer of shadow liner. Yep. Without.

I don't know how I figured out this pencil didn't need to be shadow-set (probably naughtily doing my makeup in transit again and ran out of time). Topping pencil with shadow is an automatic move for me, nearly a compulsion. Post discovery, to make sure it's really true, I actually have to force myself to skip shadow. And the liner glides on so easily, it seems as though it should slip off just as easily. But at the end of each day I wear it, I marvel that the pencil has barely -- and I mean barely -- transfered to the creases of my lids. Maybe the term isn't so much waterproof as oil-resistant.

I also use the pencil along the inner rim of my upper lids to make my pansy lashes look thicker. Inner rims are slippy so I do get a tiny bit of transfer at the outer corners of my eyes from that, but it's still much less than with other pencils. I marvel.

The GOSH Velvet Touch waterproof pencil liner comes in a whack of colours, and in shimmer finishes, too. Liquid liner fans should try the GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner -- that stuff will stay put for days. More on those another time.

Gosh is a good name for this stuff.

GOSH Cosmetics are available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and at