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F is for Fans: 90210 by OPI

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I confess, my "Beverly Hills, 90210" memories are a bit fuzzy. I'm pretty sure I watched every week, although I couldn't give you a single episode synopsis. I remember Brandon was a goody-two shoes with irritating sideburns, Brenda was annoying with terrible eyebrows, Dylan was a brood-y hottie with rather too much sun damage to be a teen, Kelly had pretty hair and a rosebud pout, and newepisodes aired all summer long (a groundbreaking thing, then). It was the "Laguna Beach/The Hills/The City" of its time, a pop-culture phenomenon smash. You don't get a "90210" redux without having made a television landscape impression.

In honour of today's new "90210," OPI has released a limited-edition trio of polish shades ($9.95 CAN each) inspired by the young three leading lovelies, characters Silver, Annie and Naomi (hey, at least I know teeny Shenae Grimes/Annie is Canadian). "Queen of West Web-erly" is a shimmery purple, "Sweet as Annie-Thing" is a bright red, and "Pretty & Privileged" is a ruby red. Pretty and easy to wear all, whether you're into the show or not, the collection is free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.

Fashion Magazine beauty editor Lesa Hannah was a bigger fan of the original "90210" than I -- she has... memorabilia. And she's spot on about what, for some ol'-time devotees, is missing from the collection. Check out her opinion (her post has pics of the polishes) and proposed shades of 90210 that even I, not the best fan example, would be tickled to wear.

The 90210 by OPI collection is available at select salons and spas; call 800-341-9999 or hit for info. Image courtesy of OPI.