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Geeking Out: Choco-raspberry Healthy Skin with greens+ = YUM!

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If you caught the comments after my recent greens+ post, you'll know some folks, including yours truly, don't quite love the taste of the powdered supplement mixed with water. We tolerate it because a daily antioxidant-and-nutrient jack is worth a not-so-tasty chug-a-lug. But today I tried Genuine Health Healthy Skin greens+ in the natural chocolate raspberry flavour, which I did not expect to enjoy. Surprise! Me like!

Healthy Skin is greens+ combined with ingredients designed to help skin texture and sensitivity. A key addition is cocoa seed extract, which is jammed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. (Inflammation is an enemy of the skin.) According to Dr. Alan C. Logan, co-creator of Healthy Skin, the formula contains exactly the cocoa-seed extract dosage from studies in which it improved rough, scaly skin, boosted hydration, and enhanced blood circulation to the skin.* Also in the mix is hydrolyzed fish collagen (don't freak -- it's similar in structure to our own and helps kick up production). Studies indicate fish collagen lessens human-skin roughness, wrinkles, dullness and under-eye darkness, and improves hydration and elasticity.**

The staff's all "we should get the bulk of our good-for-skin nutrients from what we eat," and she's right (imagine that). I'm working on it! But c'mon, who's gonna gold-star in that game plan every day?

Genuine Health Healthy Skin with greens+ and other Genuine Health products are available at (free shipping in Canada).

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