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Green Light: Genuine Health greens+

Taking a powder enroute to better health, skin and mood
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A recent study at the University of Toronto examined whether Genuine Health greens+ powdered, plant-based supplements can reduce acidity in the body. Why? An acidic body is a result of a Bad Diet too high in animal protein, fat, carbs and sugar, and too low in fruit and veggies. Research links Bad Diet to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as to increased risks of osteoperosis, obesity and cardiovascular disease. The idea behind the investigation was that an ingestible supplement able to neutralize an acidic body can, by extension, reduce cortisol and perhaps those health risks, too.

Prelim results, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, do indeed suggest that greens+ lowers acidity in the body. Confirming the findings will take more study, and yes, the paper itself acknowledges that having a healthy diet is preferable to relying on supplements, but still I took notice.

I was familiar with greens+, had heard many an enviably super-fit person gush about the stuff, and used it myself in healthier times. But I abandoned it when things got hectic. After all, if I wasn't eating well, what was the point of taking greens+? Isn't that like having a whole pizza, chocolate cake, and then a diet coke?

Maybe not.

For about a month I've been using greens+ to coax myself back to healthier living. Too little sleep and nearly zero physical activity since around June '08 had ratcheted up my stress-hormone levels and eventually torpedoed my body's ability to deal with it. I was cortisol's bitch. What cortisol wanted, cortisol got: carbs, sugar, carbs and sugar. Comfort stuff, because my body wasn't getting enough sleep to comfort itself. Hello, Slugtown.

A daily dose of greens+ seemed to help within a couple of weeks. I started to feel better, a smidge more energetic and increasingly able to exert self-control in regard to food choices. At some point I added o3mega+joy, a stress-management greens+ capsule formula that uses essential fatty acids from fish oil (completely without fishy taste or smell) for a gentle mood boost. It's still early days, and Christmas feasting interrupted, but with each greens+ day, I'm craving Bad Diet less and less, and thinking more and more about working out. Well, walking, anyway. A start.

Of course determination is a huge factor. Slugtown is not a great place to be, especially after spending time in Light'n'LivelyVille. The time of year is an influence as well -- I don't like to make resolutions, but of course I'm affected by the steady "now's-the-time" messages. All that said, it still comes down to this: every day, healthier decisions seem easier. And each healthy choice makes the next healthy choice easier. Momentum.

So what's this got to do with better skin? Remember cortisol? According to naturopathic doc Alan C. Logan, author of The Clear Skin Diet and R&D co-ordinator for Genuine Health, "cortisol attacks collagen, the scaffolding of the skin." My poor skin certainly has paid a bit of a price for the last few months. But with good-skin eats advice from Dr. Joey Shulman, D.C., registered nutritionist, and Dr. Logan, here's how I'm going to fix it and check off some pesky resolutions besides.

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