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Minimalist or Maverick? New Year's Eve Makeup Tips from Clinique

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According to Sara Whittaker, national trainer for Clinique, if you're a bit uncertain of what cosmetics to put where, or simply prefer a pared-down, natural look, you're a makeup minimalist. If you're fearless about makeup play, always trying new looks and bold techniques, you're a makeup maverick. Either way, here are Sara's New Year's Eve makeup tips for both beauty personalities.

1) Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize before applying foundation and concealer. Set with loose powder (unless you plan to use cream or mousse blush -- in that case, set makeup with powder after blush.)
2) Choose your focus: eyes or lips.
3) Decide on your level of focus: more contrast creates more focus.
4) Choose your palette based on skintone and the effect you want: "Keep in mind that deeper sheer textures will be vivid on very pale complexions (more contrast), and muted on darker skin (less contrast)," says Sara.

For the Makeup Minimalist
1) Play up your eyes with just one shimmery shadow all over the lid, a darker pencil liner, such as Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Amethyst, softly smudged along your upper lashline, and mascara. Sara suggests a natural finish with Clinique's Lash Power or dramatic with High Impact.
2) Perk up your complexion with translucent blush. "You'll get a soft finish with a mousse formula, which has less pigment than a powder," says Sara. (If you go with a mousse blush, apply it before setting foundation/concealer with loose powder for stay-put power.)
3) Boost glow with a light dusting of Fresh Bloom All-Over Colour atop cheekbones, across the forehead and the bridge of the nose. Choose a shade that works with your skintone.
4) Finish with pretty lipstick or gloss. Try a sheer plum, such as Glosswear for Lips Intense Sparkle in Stellar Plum or Moonberry, for a minimalist-friendly party pop, or go bold with Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Red, Red, Red.

For the Makeup Maverick
1) Create more eye definition and drama by going for more contrast. "You want two eye shadows: a light shade over the lid and a deeper one to add depth in the crease and at outer corners of eyes," says Sara. Add liner, such as Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Kohl, "to smoke up your look." Smudge liner along the base of the upper and lower lashlines (and on inner rims if you have large eyes and want more smoke), and wing it out to extend the outer vee of your eyes. Top with a bit of dark shadow to give it extra smudge resistance.
2) Keep cheeks soft with a neutral blush shade.
3) Go for glow with Fresh Bloom All-Over Colour in a subtle-for-your-skintone shade.
4) You can go all-out diva with a bold colour on your lips, but the easiest-maintenance route is to balance intense eyes with a whisper of lip colour. "Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Knockout Nude keeps lips in soft focus, and because it's such a subtle shade, you don't have to worry about constant reapplication," says Sara.

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