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Holiday Prezzie Enter to WIN: CARGO blu_ray Polishing Cloths for Smoother Skin (and Gloss for Pretty Lips)

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CARGO blu_ray cloths and lip gloss

I've been searching for an exfoliator suitable for sensitive skin that can't handle abrasives. I found a few, but a friend had asked specifically for something with a price tag that allows her to maximize her carefully thought-out spending plan (heard that term on CNN; much nicer than "budget," yes?).

CARGO blu_ray Polishing Cloths, re-useable, disposable micro-exfoliating sheets you can use with your cleanser once or twice per week, cost just $15 for 20. With a texture somewhere between soft cloth and paper, the woven sheets are subtly fibrous (ultra-fine fibres 70 to 100 times thinner than human hair) and really gentle on skin. I need a little more buffing than they provide with cleanser -- my skin craves exfoliation -- so I just wet them with water and use them on damp skin to get amazingly smooth finish (on lips, too). And I've learned my lesson: pay attention to the enclosed instructions advising against using a chemical exfoliant (my glycolic acid toner) immediately afterward.

On this Christmas Eve, CARGO and BeautyGeeks are happy to offer Canada- and US-based readers a chance to win a prize of CARGO blu_ray Polishing Cloths and minty blu_ray gloss ($29), which plumps with hydrating hyaluronic acid, stimulates collagen with amino peptides and delivers shimmer-free shine.

Become a subscriber here, then depending on your geography, send a "CARGO CANADA" or "CARGO US" e.mail to for a chance to win. If you're already a subscriber who lives in Canada or the US, all you need to do is send a "CARGO CANADA" or "CARGO US" e.mail to enter.

Five winners from each side of the border will be drawn at random on December 30th and notified by e.mail. Good luck and have a safe, merry holiday, everyone!