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F is for Fragrant: Lisa Simon Skincare is a Tender Ode to India

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Lisa Simon's elegant skincare is her dreamy love letter to India in lush textures, blush pink hues and a delicately spicy scent of Indian rose that evokes images of ancient trails winding up into misty mountains at dawn.


Face treatments such as Princess Apsara Light Radiance Cream ($94 CAN), Wedding Day Radiance Mask ($84) and Royal Maharani Rich Anti-Aging Cream ($124) boost glow and moisture with an infusion of amethyst, pink tourmaline and wild indigo extract. Royal Maharani also contains Tensine to tighten and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid to minimize fine lines and plump skin.

Body indulgences Palace Pleasures Purifying Scrub ($78), Sacrament of the Senses Nourishing Oil ($78) and Sumptuous Sari Firming Body Cream ($82) smooth and soften with the same luxurious, slightly other-worldy romantic sense.

I swoon over Simon's Monsoon Season Refreshing Mist ($102), an airy body spritz with Tangor orange (a tangerine and orange hybrid), buckbean (an astringent) and a subtly spiced fragrance that makes me forget it's snowing outside.

Lisa Simon is available at Holt Renfrew across Canada and at