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Quick Change without a Phone Booth: Office-to-Party Makeup Tips from the Pros

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We need more after-work shindigs sprinkled throughout the year, I'm thinking. How about a monthly After-Work-Party Day?

A shimmering anticipation hovers in the cubicle air when there's an after-five fête to look forward to. We catch up with chummy co-workers, enjoy a delightful drink or two (alcohlic or not), nibble tasty snacks, enjoy a meal we didn't have to cook or clean up after, join in some laughs, maybe some dancing...

And we have an opportunity to fancy up some, wear something a little out-of-the-office, and really highlight our best features with a drama boost. Emphasize pretty eyes with liner, softlight cheekbones with a warm glow, play up lips with colour...

Here, let makeup pros Paul Venoit, Chase Aston and Carmindy tell you how to put on the beauty glitz in minutes so you can get out there and enjoy your after-work shindigs.

Image courtesy of Clinique, featuring the Clinique Blackberry Bloom Holiday collection.