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Another Monday -- Yay: Enter to WIN Sanctuary Spa Body Treats

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If your bathroom (or heck, living room) looks like this, stop reading right this minute and call me -- I'm coming over for an extended stay. I know, you're hestitating because you don't know me terribly well, but I can assure you I'll be a terrific guest. In fact, you'll marvel at my brilliant ability to lounge all day in my bathrobe.

Tell you what -- I'll bring you the perfect hostess gift. How about a lovely basket of richly fragranced Sanctuary Spa treats? Of course you know all about The Sanctuary, Covent Garden, a well-known day spa in London, England. Looks a lot like your bathroom (or living room). Sanctuary's Creamy Body Wash, Foaming Shower Mousse, Body Scrub, Body Moisture Spray, Creme Souffle and Body Butter will fit right in to your bodycare stash, yes? (I bet the Souffle is already your fave on account of its wonderful floofy texture, lasting hydration and floral scent. And the Body Moisture Spray, a light body oil with sweet almond oil, jojoba and vitamin E -- awesome, right?)

Now I can't let on that I have this prize saved for you -- my staff will freak (she's all play-by-the-rules... sheesh). So here's how we're going to set this up:

ENTER TO WIN almost $80 CAN worth of Sanctuary Spa body treats by clicking on "Subscribe in a reader" on the right side of this screen, following the instructions, then sending an e.mail to imabeautygeek@gmail.comto let me know you've signed up (thank you!). If you're already a subscriber (you're so cool if you are), please e.mail to enter as well. It's a good time to be a resident of Canada -- this is a Canada-only offer. (I feel bad about that. Unfortunately customs can be a real killjoy when it comes to shipping prizes overseas. Pooh.) The contest closes on Monday December 1st; I'll send you an e.mail to confirm your win. Genius, yes?

Thanks for playing along -- a little Sanctuary time is so worth it.

Sanctuary Spa products retail for $11.99 to $19.99 and are available in Canada at Rexall Pharma Plus, Roulston's, and at select Loblaws, Superstores, Zehrs and Fortinos. Images courtesy of Sanctuary Spa.