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Winter Itch: Skincare Suggestions to Stop the Scratchfest

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Apologies for the headline. "Scratchfest" -- sheesh. Promised the staff she could write a headline (it's fewer words than a post) and this was the best of the submissions. *sigh*

Skin's been asking for special treatment lately. It's not fond of crappy cold temps and drier air. I'm thinking, though, this time of year is kind of fun in beauty world -- lots of lovely lotions and creams and body butters to try. Some are luxurious, some are all about fragrance, and some are surprisingly good for so little $.

St. Ives Collagen Elastin Body Moisturizer is one of those good-for-so-little-$ deals. A barely-scented straight-up lotion, it hydrates so effectively that even folks with eczema find some relief when they use it. Kinda rocks at under $7 for 600 mLs.

For more Stop-the-Scratchfest suggestions, visit my story,Winter Skin Savers, from today's Metro newspaper.

St. Ives is available at drugstores and mass retailers. Image courtesy of St. Ives.