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F is for Fake-out: Get Whiter-Looking Teeth with the Right Makeup

Make your smile look brighter with the right makeup
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If an at-home teeth-bleaching kit or dental-office whitening procedure isn't for you, you can still boost the brightness of your smile with makeup. Bold, blue-based red lip colour, such as Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick in Lotus Rouge (right) is the easiest fake-out. In fact red lipstick is the favourite trick of most white-teeth advertising. One I'll never forget is the few-years-back commercial in which a little keener tyke tells his teacher her teeth are "ecru" (a colour I've always associated with old-lady shoes from the ’70s). In the before scenes, the teacher wears a neutral lip colour. In the final, beaming close-up, she's rocking bright red lipstick and suddenly whiter teeth.

Whether you come by it naturally or get it from a tube, a darker complexion also throws teeth into whiter relief. For darker skin, deeper caramel or brown hues with blue undertones serve as natural nude lip shades and make teeth look bright, too. Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss in Toast-ed is one such example.

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