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A Trillium Reasons to Get Up in the A.M: Trillium Natural Body Care

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Trilliam Clementine & Cream body care

I know I'm not alone in finding mornings less and less appealing as daylight slacks off large by sleeping in, dragging its heels indifferently, sometimes barely showing its pasty face before it passes out again. My brain fights waking up so much I can hardly do the daily math: temperature + windchill × the TTC thermostat setting = X-number of layers. Ugh.

The scent of Trillium Butter Scrub in Clementine & Cream ($22 CAN) is like the sun rising in my shower. Bright, juicy and fresh, it's an instant happy, a welcome start to a grey day. Sometimes all I do is open the jar and inhale. The scrub itself is a thick, natural blend of sea salt, sugar and oils. It leaves my tub a little slippy, but by that point I'm too content to mind, already looking forward to Trillium Crème Fraîche ($18 CAN), a 99-percent natural shea-and-mango-butter body cream that also comes in Clementine & Cream, Apricot & Oatmeal, or ooh, Grapefruit Grove (I'm obsessed with grapefruit fragrances).

If only delightful scents made me better at math, or the weather warmer. Well, at least they put me in such a good mood that math and the big chill trouble me just a little less.

Trillium Soaps and Candles are handmade in Nelson, BC, and available in boutiques and via

Image courtesy of Trillium Soaps and Candles.