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Easy on Eyes: Smashbox Wicked Lovely

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Smashbox Arched Eyeliner Brush 21; Jet Set Eyeliner in Navy Blue; Wicked Lovely Duos in Sinful/Pure, Sexy/Demure; Cream Liner Trio and Loose Shimmer

A bonus of the freelance lifestyle is having a bit more time to spend with a variety of makeup artists when opportunities present themselves. I get to learn something, as I did when Smashbox set up their nifty swag trailer for the Toronto International Film Festival. Going in, I was already a fan of Jet Set waterproof cream eye liner ($27 CAN/$22 US). It's wedding waterproof. But I learned more during an application with National Artist Trainer Melissa Janus:

1) Jet Set is easier to apply with the Smashbox Arched Eyeliner Brush 21 ($25 CAN/$20 US).
The arched eyeliner brush + Jet Set = love. Load up both sides of the brush, then put the lid back on the liner right away and tightly. You'll have enough product on the brush to do both eyes and the pot of liner will last for ages. I left mine open a little too long a couple of times, back when I was using a straight-edge brush instead; all the liner dried up (or set completely) after only a few uses.

2) Blend Jet Set with shimmery eye shadow.
After lining lids in a series of a few short strokes, you have 60 seconds to apply and blend eye shadow over it with a brush. That's a pretty good amount of time, so don't panic or rush. If you're new to cream liner, complete one eye before moving on to the other. Try either of the pretty and silky Eye Shadow Duos, in Sinful/Pure or Sexy/Demure ($28 CAN/$24 US).

3) Try Jet Set on the waterline.
The waterline is the inner rim of your lower lashlines. Line with Jet Set then swipe a fat line of eyeshadow at the base of the lashes, blending it into the edge of the liner. Major drama. A great change for me -- my makeup is usually so light. With such striking makeup, I actually felt kinda hot! (Thanks, Melissa!)

A day or so later, I popped down to the film-fest shindig for which the Smashbox trailer was serving as the swag lounge. What a hot-spot. I never made it into the actual party. I was having too much fun in the trailer, catching up with organizer and Quadrant National Trainer Shawn Hlowatzki, and with the lovely Greg and Kelly May of Greg May Hair Architects (Greg does the best structured bobs ever). And of course I was watching the Smashbox artists at work (I really am a beauty geek). Along with a couple of things I promised I'd save for another post, I got to know the Cream Liner Trio and Loose Shimmer ($37 CAN/$32 US) -- more fun and fresh textures to play with. And easy: with an eye shadow brush, layer any of the three cream liners all over the lid and along the lower lashes like eye shadow. Use another shadow brush to press the shimmer shadow over the liner. Hit the how-to video here (the actual how-to part starts about halfway through).

Happily, although Holiday Makeup is already out, the Smashbox Wicked Lovely Collection is still available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora in Canada and via Not everything on the Smashbox website is available north of the Canada-US border; more info, Canadians can call 1-800-268-0959.

And hey, Wicked Lovely kinda fits the Hallowe'en timing, doesn't it?


With Melissa Janus; Melissa's work; after meeting the Cream Liner Trio and Loose Shimmer (over Navy Blue Jet Set); Cream Liner Trio and Shimmer.*