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Coffee Clutch: Cup Couture Cupcoats

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Want compliments every day? For just $12 USd, you can guarantee yourself daily kudos on your cleverness, your style, and your Cup Couture Cupcoat, a reusable insulated thermal cup sleeve that keeps your hand comfy as it helps keep your coffee warm. You'll also save the planet some, from discarded cardboard sleeves and double-cup waste.

Available in a variety of eyecatching, graphic fabrics, Cup Couture Cupcoats are sturdy, washable, and fit most 12-, 16- and 20-oz paper cups. I have a cheetah-print faux fur sleeve courtesy of my friend Jennifer Preiato, who sent Cupcoats out as promo gifts in holiday cards to her editor contacts a few years back when she was the PR manager at Canderm Pharma Inc. I'm not an animal-print type, but on my cup sleeve I love it: the pattern and colours conceal any evidence of coffee slops. It's a beautiful thing.

I don't know when I last mentioned to Jennifer that I use her gift all the time and that without fail it prompts a delighted comment or three. Certainly without fail I point out the name of the company as well as Canderm's URL on the other side as I explain where I got it, rather like I'm doing now -- and like I did earlier today when folks admired. *grin*

Thanks for the compliments-starter, Jen! It rather makes my every day. xo

Cup Couture Cupcoats are available at select coffee shops in the US and at Images courtesy of Cup Couture.