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Beautygeeks Spotlight: Rosie Acosta

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Rosie Acosta is the Director of Operations at Jonathan Salon in West Hollywood, CA. She's also a good sport. We met when she was in Toronto with Jonathan Antin for the launch of his haircare line at Holt Renfrew. Although she felt like a dork about it, I managed to convince her to email me a photo and give me the lowdown on her favourite beauty stuff. Thanks, Rosie!

BG: What's your beauty routine? Simple? Fairly involved? A complete, by-the-book regimen?

Rosie: My routine is simple. I wake up, wash my face, put some moisturizer on, a little foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, and I'm done ( I do not reapply during the day).

BG: What's your skin type? And your fave skincare products?

Rosie: I tend to have more dry skin in my T zone. I love Nivea! Yeah, like the drugstore Nivea! That’s my everyday moisturizer. I was using Kiehl's Lycopene Facial Moisturizing Cream but I always come back to Nivea (which I feel is strongly similar to La Mer). I use Pamela's Exclusive Skin Care face wash, it’s light and not to rough on my skin. I love the Kiehl's Creme de Corps to moisturize the rest of me.

BG: What's your natural hair texture? And your fave haircare products?

Rosie: My hair is naturally wavy/curly. I have found the best products to keep my curl intact, and when I blow dry it straight my styling products are key. When it's curly I use the Jonathan Product Silky Dirt (you know I do) and a little bit of Jonathan Product Finish Control hairspray to add definition. I sometimes use a Hot Tools curling iron, but if I put some Silky Dirt and let it air dry it usually is enough. When I blow dry it straight I use Jonathan Product Finish Shine before and after; with a good round brush and my Elchim blowdryer I do it in 10 min. I couldn’t live without Silky Dirt and Finish Control. I have tried so many hair products… these truly, I feel (no bias) are my favourite.

BG: Are you "into" makeup? Or do you prefer a light approach? What can't you live without?

Rosie: I like to wear light makeup. I am not a fan of having to reapply, so I try to keep it short and simple. Mascara, blush and bronzer are my friends. I cannot live without my Dior Diorshow Black Out (waterproof) mascara, my M.A.C Springsheen Blush, or my Kiehl's Lip Balm.

BG: How would you describe your look?

Rosie: I would have a really hard time describing my look. I like to feel that it is classic. I work in the beauty industry so I do take pride in looking and feeling presentable. I don’t like to wear a lot of make up. I feel that less is always more, that women shouldn’t feel the need to cake on the makeup/hair products to look like a million dollars. I feel that beauty products should be used to accentuate the beauty that you already have, not cover it up.