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Purple Eye Shadow with a Twist: Lancôme Color Design shadow in Drama

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How did we let purple eye shadow disappear for so long? Must be leftover ’80s trauma. Bright pink and purple eye makeup worn with matching clothes can scar a person, it's true. Thankfully makeup textures and fashion sense have improved considerably in the last couple of decades, as has the general approach to beauty. Beauty is much more personal, about enhancing the unique charm of your own features, looking your own best, not someone else's. Sheer is key -- if a colour is sheer, your own skintone becomes part of the colour, which of course means it's more likely to work for you.

And this purple I love, Lancôme Color Design shimmer shadow in Drama ($19.50) is sheer -- with a little extra fun: it's iridescent. I don't have to tell bold beauties how to wear it -- bold beauties play without fear. More conservative types, though, you can wear this. Here's how:

1) minimize dark shadows under your eyes and in the inner corners of your eyelids with a little concealer, and prep lids with a light layer of loose powder

2) sweep a wash of nude eye shadow over the lids to the browbones

3) highlight browbones and inner corners of eyes with shimmery white or champagne shadow

4) use an angled brush to apply a soft line of Drama shadow along your upper lashlines

5) curl your lashes and apply black mascara (if you have sparse lashes, line the inner rim of your upper lid right at the base of the lashes, with black or dark brown waterproof liner)

The result? A subtle wink of fun, eye-enhancing colour that makes folks wonder why they can't look away from your pretty eyes. I call that Look-Again beauty. It's the best kind.

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Lancôme is available at major department stores, select drugstores, Sephora and

Image courtesy of Lancôme.