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Geeking Out: Ellen is the newest CoverGirl Cover Girl

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You know, the best title for this post is just "Ellen is a Cover Girl." I know that. But it's the title of the press release -- I couldn't repeat it. Still, it's all you need.

Ellen is a Cover Girl.

And millions and millions of women of all ages and almost all walks of life go nuts with delight. Because we love that woman. We'd all marry her if she asked. She's warm, insanely funny, generous, so clever, fantastically appealing -- and somehow more real than any other female celeb we admire or want to be. And better than any man most of us will ever meet (I say "most of us," but I have hope).

Of course we know Ellen hasn't ever done a beauty campaign. She... uh... doesn't love makeup! So I'm guessing it's something with a skincare bent (no-one's telling, damnit). And although I play with and scrutinize all sorts of great stuff, I don't think I've ever been so darned curious to see what a celeb is promoting, or so impatient to get my hands on it so I can try it.

I can't tell you how cheezed I am that I have to wait until stupid January 2009 to see the ads. Sheesh.

I had an appointment at the exact time of Ellen's announcement on her show today. If you missed it too, click here to see it (cleverly leads to her blog). And maybe there's more info at or

Hey! Maybe it's makeup remover?