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Meet Me at the Fountain: The Soda Fountain Lip Shine and Shower Fun by Philosophy

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I have a new sugar fix: a trio of soda flavours that won't make me burp! (My mum'll be horrified when she finds out I wrote that -- don't tell. "No decorum," she'll say. *grin*)

Philosophy's The Soda Fountain collection offers up Barrels of Root Beer, Not the Pits Cherry Cola and Fruit Punch deliciousness. Of course I'm all over the unsticky lip shines ($36 CAN/$28 US per set), which deliver a sip of colour with a dose of spot-on scent and flavour that reminds me not to take my day too seriously. The same sweet-treat scents are also bottled as 3-in-1 shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath ($39 CAN/$30 US per set).

I'm looking forward to finding out what Clive-O's fave flavour might be. He has a sweet tooth, you know...

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Photo courtesy of Philosophy.