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Beauty Tips from Brooke Shield's Crew

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We beauty geeks are always on the hunt for pro advice on how to live better and look better, and of course the simpler the advice, the... better. Quick and easy looking-good tips are what Stacey Griffith, Dr. Michele Dozier and Jeanne Yang (above) are all about. These three women make up Colgate Total's Healthy Upgrade Team, a panel of health and beauty pros who have worked with or advised spokesperson Brooke Shields over the years. Here's what they had to say in our recent chat.

Stacey Griffith, Fitness The tune hasn't changed. Women today are just so busy that finding time for fitness is more challenging than the latest hot-yoga-spinning-power-pump class at the local gym. "Don't worry about gym memberships," says Griffith, a New York-based celebrity trainer. "All you need is 20 minutes of continuous movement." She suggests a 10-minute walk in the morning, perhaps another in the evening, or combining an earlier walk with 10 minutes of high-energy dancing around the house to your favourite tunes.

Dr. Michele Dozier, Dental Health As soon as teeth whitening became more affordable, bleaching one's teeth became a top beauty tip -- white teeth really do brighten the whole face. Dr. Dozier, who is Director of Operations for the Maryland Children's Oral Health Institute and an Associate Dentist for Valley Dental Pediatrics in Baltimore, supports whitening of course, but adds a reminder about gum health. "Use a soft toothbrush," she insists. Stiff bristles can irritate gums, which can lead to problems later on. She also suggests giving tooth-staining food and drink a bit of a break. "Instead, try eating oranges, pineapple and kiwi, each of which is rich in the antioxidants that dieticians recommend but are less likely to stain your teeth."

Jeanne Yang, Style "Keep fashion simple and update your look with accessories," advises Hollywood stylist Jeanne Yang. "Don't get hung up on trends. Wear what works for your body type and lifestyle." She suggests adapting elements from images of celebrities whose style you like and whose body types resembles yours.

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