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Geeking Out: beautygeeks-in-the-media THANK YOUs

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Before striking out on my own, I hadn't given much thought to how it feels to put yourself out there. I just knew there were things I wanted to do. Suddenly though, in my first few press meetings without the security of a big publication surrounding me, I felt and absorbed things differently, on a new level. Sounds corny, but it's true. In the entrepreneurs behind small, personal boutique brands, I saw the courage and confidence it takes to say, "here I am, here in these items I've produced -- I hope you like them."

Beautygeeks isn't exactly a venture like creating a fun line of body care for mums, like Mama Mio, or putting a deep love of India into a luxury skincare line like Lisa Simon (more on these to come). Yet it is. The ladies behind those brands created something that speaks to who they are as well as to the consumer they hope to reach. Words and beauty stuff is what I'm about. And in the way customer response must be exhilarating to those driven women, response from readers and industry colleagues is like that for me. Exhilarating. And encouraging.

So thank you! And thanks so much to, who without my asking included my URL at the bottom of articles I write for them. And to Gillette and "Canadian Idol" for inviting me to appear on two segments to talk grooming with the Idol contestants. And to Best Health Magazine, who in the September issue (as well as online) suggested readers should visit beautygeeks for beauty advice. And to who kindly added me to the Best HealthBlogroll a few weeks back, and's Favourite Things, who recently added me as well. And to Jill Dunn, Beauty Editor at Glow Magazine, who in a profile on Lipstick, Powder n Paint included beautygeeks as one of the blogs she reads. And to Roots, who made a handsome little sign of my beautygeeks post about the Purple Haze Downtown Slide and put it with the purse displays in their shops, including their flagship store on Bloor St. in Toronto. And thank you to everyone on my own blogroll to the left (have a visit if you haven't already).

I am verklempt.