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Think Inside the Box: Home Hair Colour Tips on

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My friend Deborah has been colouring her hair a glossy, vibrant auburn for years. It's okay, she won't mind my telling you. A salon stylist/colourist once gushed over her hair during a cut consult: "Omigodwhodoesyourcolour? It's fabulous!"

Her delighted answer was, "Feria!"

Few professional colourists love the idea of home colouring. But some see it as an economical way for women to maintain their salon hue between what can be budget-busting appointments. "I work with clients to help them make the right touch-up choices so they can go longer between visits. It's good customer service," says colourist Christopher Martin, who is co-owner of Shagg Salon in Toronto's Yorkville area as well as a consultant for Clairol Canada.

And home hair colour ain't what it used to be. Formulas are gentler, natural-looking colour is richer, multi-faceted, and the enclosed deep conditioning treatments are so effective that hair can actually look healthier post colour job. As well, a wealth of how-to information is now available to help get the best results. "Just take the time to prepare," advises Eric Del Monaco, official hair artist and colourist for L'Oréal Paris Canada and stylist at O Sole Salon & Spa in Toronto.

If you're considering becoming your own best colourist, or you just want a few refresher tips, visit Best Health Magazine's website for pro advice on Choosing the Right Colour and Formula and Top 10 Home Hair Colour Tips. Then get out there and turn heads.

Image courtesy of Garnier.