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Geeking Out: I Need Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance on DVD

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Is it too late to declare 2008 the Year of the So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance? Of course, I came late-ish to the coffee table (surprise) with a chunk of episodes in season three (I missed last few and the finale). This time, though, I was hooked the second I happened upon one of the first episodes of this season. And now I want to rewind 30-plus years to the ballet classes from my bitsy years in St. Vincent and hang on tight.

I'd gush about this season, but there's no substitute for watching (catch snippets on YouTube while you can). It's so much more than a show about dancing. Every episode pushes new choreographic boundaries, highlights incredible contemporary choreographers and spotlights the feats expertly honed bodies can master with enough talent, dedication and determination. (Yeah, I know. Gushing.)

Two more things: 1) I'd like to see crumping as the finale women's duet, and 2) I'm a little uncertain how I feel about Nigel Lythgoe's disconcerting finale dance routine with a troupe of kid dancers. Adorable or... yeah, still gotta go with disconcerting -- but if it leads to a judges' dance-off next season, I could change my mind. (He's still way smart.)

Speaking of dance off, have you noticed awe-inspiring popper Robert Muraine appears in the new set of Ikea Canada commercials?

Sorry, that was a sharp directional change there if you've not followed this season's SYTYCD. In the auditions, Muraine blew the minds of the judges with his near inhuman abilities but elected not to continue past the choreography stage of the process. Thanks to the judges' reactions to his skill, and the exposure from just a couple of episodes, he's now enjoying his own time in the spotlight, which wonderfully included two guest performances on the show. The finale featured a dance-off between Muraine and popper Phillip Chbeeb, who dropped out early on thanks to an unfortunately timed case of pneumonia.

I do hope SYTYCD Canada is as exciting in just as organic a fashion when it starts next month.

Gotta go. The season finale starts again in a few minutes on CTVBC. And again on Sunday evening on MuchMusic.

I didn't say anything here about Nigel Lythgoe that could upset Clive-O, did I? Someone told about the last Nigel post and got him worried (thanks! *grin*)

Photo courtesy of So You Think You Can Dance Canada/CTV.